Hello there.

How is goin’ ,my friend?

Have you ever been Japan?

I know many foreigners have gone to Tokyo.

Yeah, I know Tokyo is good place to know about Japan.

However, it could be ”Busy place” a little bit.

So, if you want to take your time and see the good nature ,and good local,I reccomend you to come up ” Nagasaki”.

We have Sea, mountain, and ,local train like cable car in SanFrancisco.

And, there are many many cats ,here.

You like cat?

I ❤Cat

Cat can be your friend, your family, or  your steady maybe 🙂


It seems like I have big family.lol

Many brothers and sisters.haha

However, you know it’s difficult to control them.

They are ”unchained”.

They got ”Freedom”.

They always keep their Flow on good speed.They are sneaky and clafty.

Catch them if you can 🙂



Now, you want to come Nagasaki, right?

I guaruntee you would enjoy this city,

if YOU are



Well, I am BrooklynNoman.

I just say,


You are welcome very much.

I love Smokin’.

Why don’t you chill out in

”Smokin’ kool Place Nagasaki”.



Bless you all.

Have a greeeeate day.



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