Hi my friends.

How is everything?

I hope you would be smiling with your company.

These days , Nagasaki is getting worm little by little. But, It’s still keep cold ,anyway…

Do you love winter??

I like winter.

Because, I can wear many stuff, like coat, jaket, and so on.

4seasons give us expression of fashion.

He keeps staying worm and calm in sun lighting spot.

He is almost sleeping.

It seems like his fashion is into monochrome color.Black and White.

He is wearing nice coat.

I want to ask him to lend me his fashionable coat.

I named him ” Mono”.

I said Hello to him ,but he ignored me very much.lol

I know it’s impossible to control them.

So , I just said ”Good bye ” and wished we could meet each other someday,somewhere.

Bless you ”Mono”.

He is my friend too.

His fashion is the very wild.

I have seen him in rainy day.

I have seen him in snowing day.

I have seen him in burning summer day.

He is always alone.

He is always walking.

He always be natural.

He never act somebody else.

All the place he goes is his home.

I really love his fashion.

It shows his ”LIFE’.

Somebody could call him ”Poor”.

However , I know his heart stays ”Gold”.

We japanese has old days sentences,

”Boro wa kitetemo, Kokoro wa nishiki”’

It means ,

”Even if your appearance look poor, appearance is just appearance.

If your heart stays Gold,

your life goes happy .”

Something like that.

”Nishiki” means like”Beautiful thing”.

I love fashion.

I think I want to dig it very deeply.

It means that I have to focus on

”inside of skin.”

”Unvisible thing”.


Well, his name is ” Nishiki”.

We japanese write ” 錦”.

I hope his golden heart would last forever .

Bless you Nishiki.


Bless you all .




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