Hi my friends!

I hope you would be smiling.

Nagasaki city is worm today.

How is your place??

Nagasaki is located in West of Japan.

Spring is coming…

I’m walking today too.

You like walking??

We call it “Sanpo”.

It means “walking arround”.

I  love “Sanpo”.


I went to park and I set down on the bench.

You know I love smorking.

When I started smorking and dreaming for a minite, I saw some old guys who wearing uniform and picking up trush of the park for volunteer.

They are Cleaners of the city.

The very cool people.

One old guy talked to me.

“You droped some coins. Check them out!”

I said,

“OMG. They are mine. Thanks to your kindness.”

He answered,

” No problem. Take care ,man.”

Then, he walked away and started picking up trushes.

I thought,

” It’s a cool breeze.”

Bless you .

I kept walking after kool comunication.

I went to ” Chu ou kouen”.

This park is famous among Nagasaki people.

If you lost your way, ask Nagasaki people.

I think they know this place and give you the direction.

You also would get ” cool breeze” from their kindness.

Today is held “Lantern Festival”.

There are some beautiful objects!!

I think Human being is greate!!

You should come ASAP!!!


I hope you enjoyed my posts.

Bless You .




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